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This designation includes two different aspects: The Saidi, music of southern Egypt heavy rhythms and haunting melody, and sha'bi to itself, who comes from the rural villages and small towns throughout Egypt. The sha'bi an integral part of the lives of farmers. Sha'bi The style is rustic and proud. The center of gravity of the body is placed in the basin, accentuating the earthy side of the dance.




THE BELLYdanse_egyptienne_02

This is the urban style that originated in the songs of the season. It developed in Egypt at the beginning of the century, when the economic crisis forced farmers to move closer to cities. The exile, springs a vibrant music expressing the passion and joy as well as pain. Between tradition and modernity, baladi style reflects sensitivity Egyptian soul. The pool is the center of heavy fluid motion, the energy that is contained in the sha'bi. The Baladi evokes an earth sensuality, made retainer, power and emotion.





Photos : Bernard Abitbol and Soly Fargeon


The form sharqi or "classic" was certain periods high ranking court dance in the Arab royal palaces of the tenth and eleventh

centuries during the Ottoman era in the eighteenth century. The Sharqi enjoyed a heyday in the years 1940-1950, through the Egyptian cinema highlights dancers like Samia Gamal stars, Tahia Carioca or Naima Akef. The Sharqi style is distinguished by its lyrical. It is defined by further actions, graceful arabesques arms and body and a fluidity in movement.